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Site Mission

The Arabic-Speaking peopels is a totally independant readership website. Its mission is to enrich the life of the Arabis-Seaking peoples with the knowledge that informs and educates. In order for the Arabic-Speaking Peoples Forum to fulfill its mission, weset out to the public that we:

  • Provide independent, objective and neutral materials
  • Reflect the diversity of the Arabic-speaking peoples
  • Explore many aspects of the Arabic-speaking peoples
  • Engage a wide audience across the Arabic-speaking societies
  • Encourage conversation and debate among the Arabis-speaking peoples
  • Stimulate debate between the communities within the Arabic-speaking societies 
  • Reflect communities and minorities that exist within the Arabic-speaking societies
  • Portray the range of culturs across the Arabic-speaking societies 

Core Principles

  • Everything we do is for the Arabic-speaking peoples
  • We take pride in sharing knowledge, views and experiences
  • We accept the facts of our diversity and respect and support each other as everyone counts
  • We stretch our hands to everyone around the world who values life and believe in peaceful coexistence among people