Founder Message

I have established this website for the Arabic-speaking peoples and for whoever likes the Arabic language and the Arab culture. It is for those who are proud of their Arabic language. It is for those who are proud of belonging to the lands where the Arabic language is spoken. It is for those who believe that our Arabic language is our absent identity. It is for those who believe that the Arabic-speaking peoples are living on the most valuable piece of land on the whole world.
The website aims to enrich the life of the Arabic-speaking peoples with knowledge and facts about the Arabic-speaking societies, lands and history through reading, commentaries and analysis. And, I want to stress that none of the articles, studies, researches, seminars or activities which I or any of my associates conduct, deals with the ongoing political affairs across the lands of the Arabic-speaking peoples. Furthermore we do not adopt any direct or indirect political positions or enter into any conflicts, associate ourselves with any administration, support any regime, enter into any alliance, or join any front.
The Arabic-Speaking Peoples Forum is a totally independent site on the Internet. Hence everyone here, and whoever wants to participate, has the freedom to be their true selves. It is the site of the free intellect…
Welcome to the Arabic-Speaking Peoples Forum........ Bassam Eleiwi.